Platform 3 Twin table

Platform 3 Single table

Platform 4 Twin table

Platform 4 Single table

Platform 4 SLSelf-loading

Platform 5Twin table

Platform 5Single table

Platform 6Lineare

V3 x-line


Platform 4SL Self loading
5 Axes Multispindle Vertical Machining Centers
TW • TR • QD 400V SL
  • Highly dynamic, precise and productive
  • From 2 up to 4 spindles
  • Self-loading system: patent pending
  • Integrated pallet conveyor & part buffer
  • Considerable cost reduction in automation and manpower







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Introducing the green part of Vigel

Energy through Energy.
Vigel Machining Centers recover the surplus kinetic energy during the deceleration and braking phases. The reconverted energy is re-entered in the network, instead of being dissipated through heat loss, accordingly reducing the energy consumption.

Sleep Mode to Minimize Energy Waste.
When no operations are in process, after 10 minutes (programmable time) a self-sufficient stand by mode gets activated. Machine power, hydraulic generator, coolant systems are temporarily shut down cutting energy consumption. Machine is ready and available for production.

LED Technology: Same Performance, less Consumption.
All the light sources on Vigel machines use LED technology in order to save energy.

Rationalized HP Calls.
A valve situated on the coolant tank, when it is not necessary to deliver HP coolant in the machine, discharges the coolant back to the tank, greatly reducing the pump motor absorption.

Stop and Go.
Vigel hydraulic power unit has a downstream accumulator in charge of entering the circuit with the proper oil pressure. When needed, the hydraulic power unit is used only to recover the pressure in the accumulator, avoiding overheating the oil and wasting energy.

Lubrication Oil used in our equipments is biodegradable, leaving virtually no deposits and pollution to the environment.

Green Painting.
New Vigel environmental policies have led us to rethink the way we paint our products. Today all our equipments use eco-friendly painting. Powder coating and water-based paints are used instead of traditional petroleum-based solvents.